Heavy Karuna Consulting

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Heavy Karuna Consulting

was founded in 2013 to offer compassionate, holistic guidance to individuals, as well as data-driven, theoretically-sound, and research-backed support to organizational leaders. 

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Rev. Dr. Holly Ferguson

earned her doctorate in educational leadership with a concentration in educational psychology from the University of Southern California and her master’s degree in applied psychology, counseling and guidance from New York University. She is a holistic, strengths-based practitioner who focuses on the creative, narrative, and real world applications of  theory to practice.

Rev. Dr. Ferguson was ordained as a Buddhist minister in 2018 by the International Center of Chinese Buddhist Culture and Education, USA (ICCBCE). In 2010, she founded the Online Meditation Crew (OMCru) to bring meditators  from around the world together for shared practice. She has taken refuge and precepts at Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles, has participated in the Intensive Practice Program at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, has led guided meditations for the Restorative Recess program at Caltech and at Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center, has completed Mangala Shri Bhuti’s lineage training courses, and is currently completing courses offered by Sravasti Abbey. She is also a Certified Level 1 Warriors at Ease (WAE) teacher.


What is Karuna? 

The Pali and Sanskrit word karuṇā is most often translated as compassion. The term refers to actively addressing the discomfort, dis-ease, and suffering of everyday lived experiences. 

The application of compassion to self-reflection, nonjudgmental awareness, and the relationship to self, other, and community, as well as to organizational leadership and change, is the key intention and driving force behind Heavy Karuna Consulting.


Heavy Karuna Consulting offers individuals

  • strengths-based guidance on how to holistically show-up and be mindfully present in relationship with self and others
  • culturally-relevant and developmentally-appropriate advising regarding one's life/school/work path
  • a theoretically-eclectic lens through which to  compassionately and creatively view one's narrative

And supports organizations in: 

  • bridging theory and practice through holistic systems support
  • designing and evaluating performance benchmarks and metrics
  • grounding, streamlining, and standardizing employee hiring, training, and retention policies and processes
  • embedding principles of reflective practice into organizational communications, marketing, and outreach
  • tapping into emergent theories and technologies to drive innovations in organizational goals and structures
  • locating knowledge, motivation, and organizational challenges to envision and implement creative solutions
  • exploring mindful, holistic, and compassionate organizational strategies and initiatives 


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